About Us

Production is more than an image, a video or an event – it is an essential tool that has the ability to shape a brand and connect with people.


We understand that today’s world is heavily driven by content and it can be difficult to drive penetration in what is often a saturated market. Using our expertise and experience in both the content and event production worlds, we understand your brand and make sure the content or experience we create for you has a strategic edge to break through the noise and resonate with your audience. Building an approach centred on efficiency, we save you both time and cost in the long-term, all whilst doing what we love to do.


Unlike big agencies, our core team remains small to ensure we can work with you on a personal level, allowing us to truly understand your business and needs, as at the end of the day, our goal is to ensure we give you the best outcome possible within a budget that remains friendly.

Content Production:

Ideation and Creative

Video Production

Drone Content


Post-Production and Editing

Graphics, Animation and Subtitling

Scripting and Storyboarding

Location, Talent scouting and Prop-Sourcing

Content Management:

Brand Development and Execution

Media Strategy

Website Design and Build

Social Media Management and Execution

Media Buying (Google, FB, TikTok, IG etc)

Event Production:

Event Planning

Studio Sourcing and Recording

Technical Event Management

Scripting and Content Design

Audio Visual Production

Event Logistics & OH&S composition

Event Styling

Talent & Staff Sourcing